Say NO to Jerry Brown’s Prison Expansion!

NOTE: Since this video was produced Brown’s plan was clarified to cost about $1 billion over three years for more prison space. That’s instead of diverting more nonviolent people out of the prison system. The California State Assembly has a chance to stop this plan, but legislative leaders aren’t saying if they will. Let’s make sure the legislature hears our voices. This video was produced by Beyond Bars (a project of Brave New Foundation) in partnership with the California Partnership, Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB), Critical Resistance, SJRA Advocate, Friends Committee on Legislation of California, Courage Campaign, Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, and California Coalition for Women Prisoners.

Jerry Brown Is Really Messing This One Up

You Can Stop Him, If You Want

Say No to Brown’s Prison Expansion!

This is the worst possible scenario not just for prison reform in California – but for our schools, our roads, our hospitals, and our social services. We absolutely cannot let this happen.

The only way to beat this is to get way out in front of it – if we do our job right, the proposal will never even see the light of day. So please tell your assemblymember and state senator now to pledge to vote against any new money for prison expansion, period.

If you don’t live in California click her to send a message to Governor Brown!

Help Keep the Pressure On By Making A Few Calls to Assembly Democrats:


“Hello my name is _________ ¬†and I am calling to let you know that I am disgusted by Governor Brown’s plan to spend billions of dollars to expand our prison capacity. I believe the only sustainable solution to reducing overcrowding is to reduce the number of people who are imprisoned in California. I hope that instead of dipping into the state budget reserve to finance additional prison beds that you will look at more cost effective methods of releasing people from our overcrowded prisons. There is overwhelming support for your administration to release people from our overcrowded prisons immediately and we need your leadership today!”

Assemblywomen Nancy Skinner:
916) 319-2015
Assemblywomen Toni Atkins
916) 319-2078
Assemblymember Anthony Rendon
(916) 319-2063
Assemblymember Roger Dickinson
(916) 319 – 2007
Assemblymember Reggie Jones-Sawyer
(916) 319-2059

If you can help us make a few more calls we are targeting all Assembly Democrats! Help us keep the pressure on: