The JusticeLA Coalition is made up of a diverse group of organizations and community members working to stop jail expansion in L.A. County. Los Angeles County has the largest jail system in the world. Yet county officials are planning to expand the system and squander over $3.5 billion in construction costs alone. Because imprisonment is fundamentally violent, we are working to reduce the number of people locked up in Los Angeles.

We believe a safer and stronger Los Angeles is possible when resources wasted on caging people are freed up to build the things that help communities thrive: education, supportive housing, mental and health care services, youth centers and more. We demand that Los Angeles County invest in community-based programs that help keep people out of prisons and jails and that minimize barriers to employment, education, and basic services that individuals need when they come home.

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Ongoing Demands:

1. No jail construction in LA County
2. Reduce the number of people locked up in jails
3. Redirect funding to community solutions


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“Breaking the Silence: Civil and Human Rights Violations Resulting from Medical Neglect and Abuse of Women of Color in Los Angeles County Jails”– A report in collaboration with Dignity and Power Now

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