Press Release 7/21/21: Closing Two Prisons is Not Enough

Press Release 5/14/21: California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation is a “Money Pit”

Press Release 5/3/21: “Tough on Crime” Rhetoric Ignores Criminal Justice Failures of California’s Past, Advocates Say 

Press Release 4/20/21: California Needs “The People’s Plan for Prison Closure”

Press Release 4/13/21: Advocates Support the Deactivation of a Second CA Prison, But Demand Bolder Action on Justice Reinvestment

Press Release 2/23/21: CDCR Accused of “Incompetence” as They “Drag Their Feet” on Prison Closure

Press Release 2/12/21: Corrections official want billions for prison infrastructure; Analysts say the math doesn’t add up

Press Coverage:

Sacramento Bee 6/4/21: California Prison Population Shrinks, But Spending Keeps Going Up to $112,000 Per Inmate

CalMatters 5/19/21: Golden State’s Next Culture War: Math Class

Sacramento Bee 5/18/21: Why Rural California Worries About Newsom Prison Closures

Davis Vanguard 5/16/21: State Budget Group Criticizes $13.6 Billion Governor Budget for Prisons

Associated Press 5/1/21: 76,000 California Inmates Now Eligible For Earlier Releases

Sacramento Bee 4/23/21: California Should Close 10 Prisons As Inmate Population Falls, Advocacy Group Urges

Davis Vanguard 4/19/21: CA Deactivates Prison, But Critics Claim it is Not A Much Needed Closure

Sacramento Bee 4/15/21: California is Looking At Closing More Prisons. Here Are Some That Might Be On the List

Davis Vanguard 2/19/21: Lawmakers, Watchdogs Criticize CDCR’s Inability to Explain Multi-Billion Dollar Prison Infrastructure Plan


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