Close California Prisons

Dynamic, consistent and relentless advocacy on the part of CURB has made possible the fulfillment of our founders’ mission: for the first time in its history, California has pledged to close two state-owned prisons over the course of the next three years. CURB has produced a Prison Closure Memo and detailed budget analysis to help guide this process and released a detailed Prison Closure Report in the spring, a roadmap for system actors providing recommendations for which facilities to close; an analysis of cost-savings to be captured and reinvested in adjacent communities; and data-driven information about the roles both racism and extreme sentencing continue to play in both prison expansion and overcrowding. As community advocates representing the people most impacted by incarceration, CURB is demanding a seat at the table during the implementation processes of Prison Closure.

Our analysis for Prison Closure is centered in budget advocacy and uses a public health lens to focus our demands. Alongside coalitions across movements for social justice, CURB co-created A Budget to Save Lives (B2SL). B2SL is a “decarceration budget,” detailing an invest/divest vision for public safety that  defunds police, prisons and detention centers. The B2SL leadership will organize our diverse coalitions through 2021, advancing our shared goals in the legislature and Newsom’s administration. The B2SL coalitions include: Dignity Not Detention, Human Impact Partners and Justice LA, together representing more than 100 different organizations. Co-authors of B2SL include members of La Defensa, Immigrant Legal Resource Center,  Dignity and Power Now, Youth Justice Coalition, and Freedom For Immigrants. 

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