Care First Budget for LA County

As part of the Executive Team of the JusticeLA coalition, our advocacy ended LA County’s $3.5 billion dollar jail plan. Our current work within JusticeLA’s is centered around navigating efforts at pretrial reform and supporting the groundbreaking Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Initiative, a practical (and exportable) model of  ‘Care First, Jails Last’ policies proposals informed by our community and ratified by the LA County Board of Supervisors. Implementing ATI will be essential to transforming the criminal justice landscape in Los Angeles County, which has one of the largest jail systems on the planet. CURB provides media support for JusticeLA and co-created Defund The Sheriff: The Album.


JusticeLA Website

Care First, Jails Last:  Alternatives to Incarceration Report

Defund the Sheriff:  The Album 

A Care First Budget for LA County