Full-Time Statewide Coordinator 2021: Membership

by Amber Rose Howard

We’re hiring! Come join the CURB team.

Applications Due Friday, 11/16/20. Send a cover letter and resumé to steve@sjanda.com.

CURB is seeking a passionate person with strong organizing and communications skills to serve as a full-time Statewide Coordinator with a particular focus on Membership Engagement.


  • Create and implement a strategic plan for increasing member engagement and capacity of CURB workgroups 
  • Organize special events and programs, geared toward engaging/building membership, org/coalition awareness, increasing campaign visibility and power building
  • Work with local CURB member organizations to identify base building opportunities and develop strategies to reach out to new member organizations
  • Plan and organize necessary trainings, skill shares, strategic planning sessions, tools and materials etc. to support the development of CURB’s overall strategy for existing and new CURB members
  • Coordinate monthly membership meetings 
  • Coordinate membership outreach for existing and potential new CURB members 
  • Coordinate communication and strategic planning between the various CURB member organizations and individuals. This includes sending out coalition emails, responding to inquiries about participation, and connecting volunteers to the appropriate workgroup
  • Serve as contact for CURB members, allies and other collaborators 
  • Update membership lists,  contacts and the CURB listserv
  • Admin duties include: periodic financial reports, weekly check-ins, attending regular coalition meetings, reserving meeting spaces, ordering food and supplies, creating and printing agendas and supporting with communications to ensure attendance, member engagement, and timely and organized reporting  
  • Collaborate with staff, members, interns and/or volunteers remotely

Skills and experience:

  • A deep, established  political analysis aligned with CURB principles and a strong commitment to racial and gender justice. 
  • Strong writing skills.
  • Strong public speaking skills.
  • Strong networking skills. 
  • A strong self-starter with experience working independently. Someone with initiative who can put forth new ideas, develop plans collectively and make them happen.
  • Coordinating experience. You’ll be working with a broad-based team of volunteer organizers and will need to be ready to support their work and solve problems creatively.
  • 2-3 years organizing experience.
  • 2-3 years experience in state or local policy advocacy 
  • Proven desire and experience working to improve the lives of marginalized and oppressed people. CURB’s network is made up of a multiplicity of experiences and identities, including currently imprisoned people, formerly incarcerated people, family members of people locked up, Black, Brown, Indigenous, Native and people of color, young people, queer people, activists, educators, and national supporters.
  • Comfortable working flexible hours, possible travel, working via phone and computer, and keeping in consistent communication with colleagues in other parts of the state.
  • Proven follow-through and ability to see projects and activities through to completion.
  • Valid driver’s license and willingness to drive preferred.

This position will provide support in building, engaging and coordinating CURB membership around CURB’s mission and statewide campaigns. Statewide Coordinator will be responsible for supporting CURB staff and CURB members in amplifying the participation of coalition partners. On any given day, the coordinator’s responsibilities may include working with dedicated CURB leaders around the state, developing programs and events that amplify the power of marginalized communities, mobilizing our membership and raising awareness about the coalition’s priorities.

Salary: Full-time.  $60-$64k and full benefits package.

Location:  Most work is remote during the pandemic. Occasional travel to different regions of California may be required (when declared safe during pandemic.) Permanent base office Sacramento or the Bay Area.

CURB is committed to investing in the leadership of formerly incarcerated and convicted people. People who identify as Black, Brown, Indigenous, Native, women, queer or trans are encouraged to apply. CURB will be prioritizing interviewing folks from Northern California, though the position will be open to applicants statewide. CURB does not discourage or discriminate against people with convictions. There will not be a background check or fingerprinting of applicants, and you will not  be asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime on the application or interview.

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