CURB is looking for Interns!

by Ivette Alé

We are excited to announce that CURB is looking for three interns to join our team! 

CURB offers internships in the following three areas: AdvocacyMedia and Communications and Development. Our internships provide the opportunity to gain experience in research, outreach, grassroots organizing, media campaigns, coalition and movement building, public education, policy advocacy and social justice work. Working directly with the Statewide Coordinators, the interns will have the opportunity to develop leadership and organizing skills while working alongside an amazing group of anti-prison activists. All interns should be committed to racial and social justice, have strong written and verbal communications skills, and be interested in working in a small coalition with limited resources.

“I believe that CURB’s work is truly powerful: the coalition works with multiple organizations to deflect the institutions and systems that have served to disrupt our communities.  CURB believes in the power of grassroots movement-building and public policy change to work towards justice.  CURB believes that jail and prison construction is a divestment from our communities.  Most importantly, CURB aims to strengthen communities by bringing loved ones back to their families andmaking necessary rehabilitative and educational services accessible.”

~Nicole A. Powell, Former CURB Intern and CURB Monthly Sustainer

Click here to view the full internship descriptions, qualifications, and application requirements.

CURB is committed to investing in the leadership of those most impacted by incarceration. Formerly incarcerated and convicted people, people with incarcerated loved ones, Black people, people of indigenous decent, Latinx people, women, queer and trans people are encouraged to apply.

All internship positions are unpaid, although interns may receive school credit or funding if offered by their program. We will accept applications until March 1st, or until the positions are filled.

To apply, please follow the instructions under each job description here.

P.S. Check out these videos to learn more about CURB’s victories and ongoing work!

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One thought on “CURB is looking for Interns!


Good Morning Everyone,

My name is Lizzy Stewart mother of the first nonviolent three striker to have his sentence commuted. My son is home but I believe anyone in California could have this happen to their family especially with addiction on the rise. I have been working with grass root groups for over 8 years trying to make a difference in the Three Strikes law. .

I would like to first a foremost say I believe our California Three Strikes law and many other laws need to thrown out completely.   BUT as we all know this would take a huge amount of money.  Today We the People Org is trying to put a dent once again in the three strikes law.  

We The People Org is collecting signatures to Stop California from handing out Strikes for non-violent crimes. This is a way to change California’s Serious List.
This will accomplish:
1. This is a retro-active measure that would bring home many inmates serving excessive sentences for residential burglary.
2. Prevent others from obtaining strikes for nonviolent crimes.
3. Remove strikes hanging over the heads of all those brought home by prop 36.
4. Chip away another layer of our current Three Strikes Law

No, this will not help those on the violent list. We the People will continue to work with other grass root groups to support their causes to help inmates. Our hope is all of our groups can one day come up with a bigger plan which will help out many more. There are so many gray area in the violent list which we can all agree need changing.

Today I am asking all groups through out California to work with us as a team. We believe:
• All people can change and make a difference in our society for the better.
• Incarceration is not the answer to making our society a “safer place.”
• California has wasted to much money on building prisons.
• Extreme sentencing practices need to end
• California Three strikes should be completely over turned and thrown out by voter.
• Education and rehabilitation is way of the future

We all need to protect our children and families. I believe everyone of us would like to see this law change. Take a look at this description listed below by Shouselaw. We must stop this from happening to other families.
In Penal Code 459, California law defines “burglary” as entering any residential or commercial building or room with the intent to commit a felony or a theft once inside. One commits the crime of burglary merely by entering the structure with the requisite criminal intent, even if the intended felony or theft is never actually completed.
Penal Code 459 PC reads : “Every person who enters any house, room, apartment, tenement, shop, warehouse, store, mill, barn, stable, outhouse or other building, tent, vessel…with intent to commit grand or petit larceny or any felony is guilty of burglary.>

I am asking all of our grassroots groups and friends to help us put the Third Striker Initiative for repeat offenders on the ballot.
Please keep in mind that We the People Org did not write this Serious List our state did. We are trying to change one aspect of this list. We are putting an end to Non-violent offense leading to strikes to better California law and bring about a fairer justice system.

I am proud to be a part of We the People Org. I wish we could tackle all the issues because there are so many gray areas and violent issues need help too. The larger the project the more funds required. It is my hopes that one of our sister groups leads the way with We the People at their side when the time comes.
I ask all you to stand with me and help put this on the ballot.
Thank you all so much and I look forward to working with you.
Hugs and gratitude,
Lizzy Stewart
(Just a Mom)


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