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Press Releases:

October: Community members rally to demand rejection of controversial jail construction plan

October: Grassroots pressure delays jail construction vote, Organizers release report detailing environmental health hazards of the proposed women’s jail in LA

September: LA Community Members Denounce a Budget that is environmentally, economically, and socially toxic for Black and Brown Communities

June: Coalition that stopped new SF jail wins human rights award as jail system blasted by civil grand jury

July: CURB responds to Governor’s support for more incarceration in new budget

April: Bill to Repeal Sentencing Enhancements for Prior Drug Convictions Passes Its First Test

February: State Analyst Follows Community Demands, Says No to $250 Million for Jail Expansion

January: Governor reneges on promise for sustainable prison population reduction, funds new jail construction

January: CURB responds to CDCR’s new master plan


Press Coverage:

LA Supervisors… ‘Can you listen for just one second‘, City Watch, 12/12/16

Incarcerated Women in LA County Jails Face Threat of Valley Fever Illness, The Real News Network, 11/24/16

Angry protesters halt Supervisors meeting: ‘Reject the EIR!’, My News LA, 10/26/16

Protesters demand halt to LA County jail plans, ABC7, 10/26/16

LA County moves forward with jails despite protest, KPCC, 10/26/16

LA County moves forward with jails despite protest, The Washington Times, 10/25/16

County votes to move forward with men’s and women’s jail, My News LA, 10/25/16

Protesters against new LA County jail shut down Board of Supervisors meeting, Los Angeles Daily News, 10/25/16

Protesters against new LA County jail shut down Board of Supervisors meeting, Daily Breeze, 10/25/16

California Spent All-Time High $21 Billion on Crime Last Year, Chronicle of Social Change, 10/25/16

Why map incarceration in LA?, KCRW, 10/14/16

Report: California Prisoners Regularly Exposed to Contaminated Water, The Real News, 10/11/16

LA County Supervisors delay vote on proposed women’s jail in Lancaster, LA Daily News, 10/11/16

LA County Supervisors delay vote on proposed women’s jail in Lancaster, Whittier Daily News, 10/11/16

Coalición busca detener la construcción de una cárcel de mujeres en Lancaster, La Opinión, 10/11/16

Nueva cárcel para mujeres enfermaría a reclusas por suelo tóxico y hongos, Hoy Los Angeles, 10/11/16

Activists in hazmat suits protest building Lancaster women’s prison, My News LA, 10/11/16

Group seeks to halt ‘disastrous’ LA County plan for women’s jail, LA Daily News, 10/10/16

Realignment 5 years on: Counties building 10K cells for inmates with mental illness, KPCC, 9/30/16

Realignment 5 Years On: Counties Build Jails for Inmates With Mental Illness, Capital Public Radio, 9/30/16

Realignment 5 Years On: Counties Build Jails for Inmates With Mental Illness, KQED, 9/29/16

Lots of your tax dollars: LA County big budget greater than half the states!, My News LA, 9/27/16

UCLA researches map the costs of incarceration in Los Angeles, UCLA Newsroom, 9/22/16

Break It Down: Art and Resistance, Plan For Your Art, 9/8/16

Break It Down: Art and Resistance, ArtRx LA, 9/6/16

CURB responds to Governor’s support for more incarceration in new budget, Highland Community News, 6/27/16

Budget has $270 million to upgrade California county jails, The Washington Times, 6/17/16

Budget has $270 million to upgrade California county jails, Napa Valley Register, 6/17/16

Budget has $270 million to upgrade California county jails, The Eagle, 6/17/16

State budget has $270 million to upgrade California county jails, Daily Democrat, 6/17/16

Budget has $270 million to upgrade California county jails,, 6/17/16

California Budget Provides $270 Million for County Jail Upgrades, CBS Sacramento, 6/17/16

California Moves Ahead with Plan for $270 Million in New Jails, TeleSurTV, 6/10/16

Commentary: Bill Would Repeal Ineffective Enhancements for Prior Drug Convictions, The Davis Vanguard, 5/24/16

Reject More Jail Expansion and invest in prevention, re-entry, The Sacramento Bee, 5/23/16

Senate Committee Votes Against Jail Construction Funding, Highland Community News, 5/19/16

California Senate Reluctant to Repeal Drug Sentencing Policy, The Real News, 5/16/16

The Pacifica Evening News, 5/13/16

Prison, Jail Expansion hidden behind supposed “Investments to Rehabilitation and Reentry” in revised state budget,” Highland News, 5/13/16

Bill to Repeal Sentencing Enhancements for Prior Drug Convictions Passes Its First Test, Los Angeles Sentinel, 4/13/16

Advocates Challenge Law Enforcement on How Prop. 47 Savings Should Be Spent, New America Media, 3/29/16

Pacifica Evening News, KPFA, 3/23/16

California’s Elderly Parole Program forcing victims to face attackers decades later, San Jose Mercury News, 3/20/16

Pursuing Alternative Facilities, City Tries to keep $80 million SoMa Jail Grant on the table, Hoodline, 3/8/16

Enhancements Leave Thousands of California Inmates With Extraordinarily Long Sentences,
NBC Bay Area, 2/26/16

Governor Hopes Californians’ Tough Views on Crime Have Eased, ABC News, 1/28/16

Gov. Brown hopes Californians’ tough views on crime have eased, KPCC, 1/28/16

Governor hopes Californians’ tough views on crime have eased, KSBW, 1/28/16

Gov. Jerry Brown’s latest attempt to reduce the state prison population is a ballot initiative unveiled Wednesday that aims to free certain felons earlier and have fewer juveniles tried as adults, US News and World Report, 1/27/16

Gov. Brown’s Initiative to Reduce Prison Population Would Free Nonviolent Felons Earlier, NBC Los Angeles, 1/27/16

Governor Proposes Ballot Measure on Criminal Sentences, ABC, 1/27/16

Governor proposes ballot measure on criminal sentences, Miami Herald, 1/27/16

Gov. Jerry Brown proposes ballot measure on criminal sentences, San Mateo Daily Journal, 1/27/17

Gov. Brown proposes ballot measure on criminal sentences, San Francisco Examiner, 1/27/16

Pacifica Evening News, KPFA, 1/27/16

Governor proposes ballot measure on criminal sentences, Columbus Telegram, 1/27/16

Governor proposes ballot measure on criminal sentences, St. Louis Post-Dispatch, 1/27/16

CURB responds to CDCR’s new master plan: ‘A concerning vision of a more powerful prison system’, San Francisco Bay View, 1/22/16

Upfront, KPFA, 1/8/16

Gov. Jerry Brown’s proposed budget: Rapid response, Sacramento Bee, 1/7/16

Pacifica Evening News, KPFA, 1/7/16


Press Releases:

November: Community Nominates Formerly Incarcerated Leaders to Prop 47 Committee, as State Officials Vote on $500 Million for New Jails

November: CURB Responds to $500 million for new jail construction

October: New Report Slams States Alarming Trend of Jail Expansion

October: Brown Signs Important Legislation Incarcerated People and their Families

September: LA No More Jails Coalition Demands Investment in Alternatives and an Immediate Halt to the Proposed Women’s Jail

August: No More Jails Action on Tuesday, 8/11/15

July: Despite Building Violations and Harms, Officials Seek to Steamroll Controversial SF Jail

June: Communities Statewide Mobilize to Sacramento, Oppose Funding for Local Jails

June: CURB Responds to Governor’s Aggressive Prison Construction Budget

June: Community Applauds Los Angeles Supervisors Motion to Halt Jail Plan

June: LA Residents Rally Around Healthcare in Jails, Oppose County Jail Plan

May: CA May Revise Backslides into Aggressive Prison Construction, Punting Durable Population Reduction

May: CURB Hails Senator Hancock’s Call to Immediately Close Aging Prison, Demands further Reductions in May Revise

May: Angelenos Protest Jail and Law Enforcement Expansion in County budget 

February: Community Groups to Rally and Mobilize Against New SF Jail

January: Report Released on State Funding Options for LA Jail and Diversion, Advocates call for an immediate halt to new jail and more investment in services

January: Gov. Brown Backslides on Corrections Budget, No Substantial Reductions to the Prison Population Only Costly Expansion

Press Coverage:

SF supes unanimously turn down plan to build new jail, SF Examiner, 12/15/2015

San Francisco Jail Construction Plan Poised for Defeat, KPFA, 12/14/2015

Opposition poised to doom San Francisco’s new jail, SF Examiner, 12/14/2015

All eyes on San Francisco Dec. 15: Tell Supervisors to vote for NO NEW JAIL, SF Bayview, 12/13/15

New Jail Could Be Approved Days Before It’s Rendered Unnecessary, SF Weekly, 12/2/15

Protesters turn out at hearing for proposed SF jail, force committee to go into recess, SF Examiner, 12/2/15

Opponents of New San Francisco Jail Scramble to Head Off Project, KQED, 12/2/15

Opponents of new jail want housing, SF Examiner, 11/17/15

Bay Area Counties Awarded Multi Million Dollar Grant to Fix Worn Down Jail Facilities, NBC Bay Area 11/14/15

Riverside: Coalition Rallies for Alternatives to Jail, The Press Enterprise 11/13/15

Santa Clara and Alameda counties get state funding for new jails, San Jose Mercury News 11/13/15

Money will pay for rehabilitation program in county jails, The Daily Democrat 11/12/15

State Awards $500 Mill for Jail Rehab Programs, Manteca Bulletin 11/12/15

California Funds New Prisons Despite Law to Reduce Inmates, TeleSUR TV 11/12/15

Counties Receive $500M For New Jails, Capital Public Radio 11/12/15

The Pacifica Evening News, Weekdays – November 12, 2015, KPFA 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Washington Times 11/12/15

State Makes it Official: No Jail Funds Here, 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, 11/12/15

San Francisco New Jail Proposal Gets Boost with $80M State Grant, San Francisco Examiner 11/12/15

California Set to Award $500Mill to Jails in 15 Counties, KOLO TV 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Press Democrat 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, SF Gate 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Miami Herald 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Ventura County Star 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, The Herald 11/12/15

California Awards $500 Million for Rehab Programs in Jails, Idaho Statesman 11/12/15

Prop. 47 savings shouldn’t go to more funding for jails, Sacramento Bee 11/11/15

Siskiyou Supervisors wary of making new jail decision, The Siskiyou Daily News, 11/11/15

Amid Mass Incarceration Debate, California Jails Get $500M To Expand, Build New Correction Facilities, International Business Times 11/4/15

California Awards $500 Million to Build, Expand Jails, TeleSUR 11/3/15

Alameda County Slated to receive $54 million for Santa Rita Jail Expansion East Bay Express, 11/3/15

CURB Responds to $500 million for new jail construction Highland Community News, 11/3/15

Official say prison reform programs working, but funding uncertain Union Democrat, 10/21/15

Prisoners’ Families Organize to Resist Incarceration and Its Costs TruthOut, 10/18/15

California Spending Billions on New Jails, TeleSUR 10/17/15

Report blasts jail building, Union Democrat 10/16/15

Orange County Blasted For Seeking Jail Expansion Over Alternatives to Incarceration, OC Weekly 10/16/15

Pacifica Evening News, KPFK 10/15/15 (minute 25:33)

UPRISING!, KPFA 10/14/15 (minute 24:10)

California jail system fails mentally ill, Oakland Tribune 9/29/15

Why LA’s $2 Billion Jail Plan is Not a Done Deal, LA Progressive 9/16/15

Alameda County Seeks Santa Rita Jail Expansion, East Bay Express 9/16/15

Bills sent to Gov. Brown will create new felonies, putting more in prison, LA Times 9/11/15

LA County Supervisors move ahead with $2 billion jails plan, LA Times 9/1/15

Sups Vote to move forward with new L.A. jail, treatment facility, My News LA 9/1/15

Activists Rally for No More Jails, but County decides to build bigger one, Laist 8/11/15

Sups Vote takes LA One Step Closer to Jail Replacement, My News LA 8/11/15

LA County will Move 1,000 mentally ill inmates out of jails, LA Times 8/11/15

LA County Supervisors Advance Plan to replace Men’s Central Jail, KPCC 8/11/15

LA Supervisors Vote to move ahead with Construction of New Downtown Jail Facility, CBS Los Angeles 8/11/15

Los Angeles County Approves Construction of New Jails, San Jose Mercury News 8/11/15

Bipartisan Unity on Mass Incarceration: Opportunity or Sidetrack for Movement Building?, Truth Out 7/13/15

Inside California’s Jail Building Boom, The Crime Report 7/2/15

California’s Jail-Building Boom, TheMarshall Project 7/2/15

Inside California’s Jail Building Boom, Huffington Post 7/2/15

Editorial: More reforms needed, Sacramento Bee 5/21/15

CA May Revise Backslides into Aggressive Prison Construction, Punting Population Reduction, IndyBay 5/18/15

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 5/15/15 (interview begins at minute 28.00)

加州预算修订案公布关闭诺科监狱计划或暂缓, China Press 5/15/15

Mindful of Prop. 47 sentence reductions, Brown aims to scale back private prisons, LA Times 5/14/15

LA County Supervisor wants to give companies incentives to hire ex-cons, KPCC 5/11/15

Liberated Sisters or Think Outside The Cage, KPFK 5/9/15 (interview begins at minute 23.00)

Incarcerated Women Fight for Human Rights in California’s Prisons, The Real News Network 4/30/15

New Reforms in California Will Reduce its Prison Population, The Real News Network 4/26/15

A durable and sustainable plan: Reducing corrections spending in California, Bayview 3/26/15

No to Prison Industrial Complex: San Francisco’s Trans Community Responds to Brutal Murders, Truthout 2/25/15

Stone bill aims to decrease recidivism, Monterey County Herald 2/23/15

Treatment of Disabled Inmates Violates ADA Regulations: Judge, NBC 2/4/15

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 1/30/15 (interview begins at minute 21.30)

Cages Kill-Freedom Rally in Santa Cruz, SF BayView 1/30/15

Children of incarcerated parents say no to a new jail in San Francisco, SF BayView 1/29/15

Advocates call for an immediate halt to new jail and more investment in services, Los Cerritos News 1/15/15

A breakdown of the governor’s budget, Mercury News 1/9/15

Fresno rally urges Gov. Jerry Brown to restore funds for health and human services, Fresno Bee 1/9/15

Gov. Brown’s California budget calls for record $113 billion in spending, Mercury News 1/9/15


Press Releases:

December: New LA Supervisors Question $2 Billion Jail Plan​, Diana Zuñiga of LA No More Jails Responds

November: Sentencing reform Proposition 47 passes, Advocates raise concerns about where the funding will go

September: Community Members Raise Environmental Impact Concerns of Controversial Los Angeles Women’s Jail Build

August: LA Residents Caravan 70 Miles to Raise Awareness on Wasteful Jail Expansion

August: Construyamos Comunidades Fuertes, No Mas Jaulas

August: Communities Rally Across Southern California to Oppose Wasteful Prison and Jail Expansion

August: LA Residents Demand Civilian Oversight, Not $14.5 Million On Moving the Mega Jail Plan Forward


July: Los Angeles Residents Advocate for Mental Health Diversion, Not Jail Expansion

June: CURB Responds to Legislatures Compromise Corrections Budget Deal

May: Advocates Reject SF Controllers Jail Population Projections

May: Assembly Budget Committee Approved Controversial Jail Construction Funding

May: United Educators of San Francisco Pass Resolution Against New San Francisco Jail

May: California Communities Continue Fight Against Jail & Prison Expansion in Gov’s May Budget

May: Senate Budget Vote A Step Towards Funding Alternatives, Not Jails

May: Advocacy Groups and Service Providers say No 2.3 Billion Dollar Jail Plan

May: Community Forum & Mock Solitary Cage Exhibition At City College to Stop Donovan Prison Expansion and All other Prison/Jail Expansion Plans in SD

April: Coalition Defeats Two Major Prison & Jail Construction Proposals

April: CURB Joins Campaign Rejecting the Governor’s Budget Proposal and Calling for $5 Billion More to go to Education, Health & Human Services

April: Coalition Opposes All Proposals to Expand Jails and Prisons in Sacramento

March: San Diego Anti-Prison Coalition Calls for California Decision-Makers to Act Immediately 

March: San Diego Anti-Prison Coalition Responds to Supreme Court Extension

February: Broad Coalition Responds to 2 Years Extension on Prison Overcrowding Case

February: CURB on Today’s Court Ruling to Grant a 2 Year Extension on Prison Overcrowding Case

January: Communities Rally at San Francisco Hearing on Jail Replacement Project

January: Massive Jail Construction Awards Move Forward

January: California Counties Continue Fight against Massive Jail Construction Scheme

January: Advocates Call Budget Plans to Open New Prison Beds a Major Contradiction

Press Coverage:

Fiscal crisis, new jails dominate conversation as Adelanto hopes for brighter future, Daily Press 12/26/14

Immigration policies are criminalizing our communities, SF Bay View 12/24/14

Adelanto jail deal not a lock, Daily Press 12/11/14

Council grapples with cell division, Hesperia Star 12/11/14

Prop 47, Immigration Reform and More: The Contradictory Road of “Reforming” Mass Incarceration, Truth Out 12/10/14

News Coverage of CURB:Why Is California Keeping Kelly Savage in Prison for a Crime She Didn’t Commit?, Truth Out 11/29/14

Getting a Finger on the Pulse with Emily Harris, Justice Not Jails 11/17/14

Why Prisons Don’t Work and How We Can Do Better: A Conversation With Maya Schenwar,Truth Out 11/14/14

What If We Abolished Prisons? Alternet 11/13/14

District Attorney: LA will still need new jail, even with reduction of mentally ill, KPCC 11/12/14

In push to keep mentally ill out of jail, county to expand crisis centers, Los Angeles Times 11/12/14

Lacey wants to change the way police, prosecutors deal with mentally ill in Los Angeles, KPCC 11/10/144

Prop. 47 already hitting sheriff departments, Bakersfield Californians 11/9/14

Activist says Adelanto is rushing prison approval, Victorville Daily Press 11/8/14

California’s overcrowded jails must be restructured, Daily Titan 11/9/14

Advocates celebrate Prop. 47 victory against mass incarceration and war on drugs but raise concerns about where the funding will go: four perspectives, SF Bayview 11/6/14

Prop. 47 victory shows California embracing ‘smart on crime’ approach, supporters say,Sacramento Bee 11/6/14

Prop 47 Passes: California Wobbles Towards Sentencing Reform, In These Times 11/5/14

California voters reject Propositions 45, 46, 48; pass 47, Mercury News 11/5/14

A village cannot be built in a jail: Why gender responsive is not gender justice, SF Bayview 10/30/14

Getting a Finger on the Pulse With Diana Zuñiga, Justice Not Jails Newsletter 10/12/14

Behind bars Letter to the Editor, San Francisco Chronicle 10/7/14

Screaming Inmates Make L.A. Rethink Jailing Mentally Ill, Bloomberg Business Week 9/26/14

California prisons toughen screenings of visitors, The Tribune 9/24/14

Letter to the Editor: Cut health care costs by cutting incarceration, Sacramento Bee 9/12/14

Exposing a national crisis in Black mental health behind bars, SF BayView 9/10/14

L.A. County Jail Plan Is a $2 Billion Blunder That Embraces Incarceration, Not Treatment, for Mentally Ill, LA Weekly 8/28/14

Do diverse police forces treat their communities more fairly than almost-all-white ones like Ferguson’s?, Washington Post, 8/22/14

Se oponen a construcción de dos cárceles, Univision LA 8/16/14

Adelanto group cited for demonstrating, Daily Press 8/16/14

Jail expansion is largest project in Stanislaus County history, Modesto Bee 8/15/14

Building more jails won’t solve the problem, Desert Sun 8/11/14

Letter: Look for alternatives to building more jails, Desert Sun 8/11/14

Group protests McFarland prison, The Delano Record 8/7/14

Grand Jury investigates Santa Cruz County Jail deaths, SF BayView 8/3/14

Rally against McFarland women’s prison happening, ABC  23 7/31/14

Letter: Crowded Prisons in California, New York Times 7/30/14

Prison Re-Form: The Continuation of the Carceral State, Tennessee Students and Educators for Social Justice 7/15/14

Solutions for California’s overcrowded prisons?: Letters, LA Daily News 7/3/14

The story behind the 2015 California Budget Act, SF Bay View 6/25/14

Budget Deal Has Major Pros and Cons for Reentering Community, Roots & Rebound 6/25/14

A mental health jail is an oxymoron; diversion is what’s needed: Guest commentary, Pasadena Star News 6/24/14

State budget backs realignment’s focus on fighting repeat offenses, Daily Journal 6/23/14

Fighting against ‘addiction to incarceration’, LA Register 6/18/14

State Prisons to Institute New Censorship Rules, East Bay Express 6/17/14

CURB responds to Legislature’s compromise Corrections budget deal, SF Bay View 6/17/14

Legislature approves $108 billion state budget, Fresno Bee 6/15/14

Projections of new county jail population raises hackles of activists who want no jail, SF Examiner 6/6/14

Californians gaining momentum against prison and jail expansion, SF BayView 6/3/14

Split Over Bond Funds To Relieve Prison Overcrowding, Capitol Radio 5/27/14

Protest Proposes Alternatives to Jail Expansion, City on a Hill 5/22/14

Opponents Rally Against California Jail Expansion, Correctional News 5/21/14

Editorial: $2 billion jail expansion plan is a mistake, LA Register 5/20/14

San Francisco Jails Half Empty: Sheriff, NBC 5/15/14

Increases in Prison and Jail Spending in Governor’s Revised Budget Opposed in Santa Cruz, Indybay 5/15/14

Activists mobilize against California’s proposed $500 million jail expansion, SF Bay View 5/15/14

Amid record poverty, Jerry Brown pays down the debt, Free Charles Davis 5/15/14

Groups rally in San Bernardino over Brown’s state budget, The Sun 5/14/14

Activists Mobilize Against CA’s Proposed $500 Million Jail Expansion, Beyond the Chron 5/14/14

Gov. Jerry Brown’s ‘good news’ budget draws protests, Contra Costa News 5/13/14

Viewpoints: Why is California trying to build more jails?, Sacramento Bee 5/11/14

Los Angeles County officials look at financing $1.7 billion for jails, Daily Breeze 5/7/14

Hard line on soft drugs doesn’t work, Buenos Aires Herald 5/7/14

Why Is LA County Locking Up So Many Women? Justice Not Jails 5/7/14

County Approves $2 Billion Jails Plan Despite Protests, Westside Today 5/7/14

Supervisors move forward with $2 billion jail plan, LA Wave 5/6/14

LA supervisors to consider $2 billion jail building plan, KPCC 5/6/14

L.A. County jail expansion proposals come at a hefty price, LA Daily News 5/5/14

Why Is LA County Locking Up So Many Women?, LA Progressive 5/5/14

Time to consider extending Prop. 30 taxes, Mark Leno says, SF Chronicle 5/3/14

As Brown pushes savings plan, activists urge more spending, LA Times 4/25/14

Burning Down The House: Cultural Activism Bases in South L.A. KCET 4/24/14

Consultant lays out options for $2-billion L.A. County jail overhaul, LA Times 4/23/14

Coalition opposes all proposals to expand California jails and prisons, SF Bayview 4/22/14

Anti-police, anti-prison, San Diego Reader 4/2/14

Protesters Rally Against Donovan Prison Expansion, NBC 7 3/29/14

Coalition: Prison expansion not the answer, ABC 10 3/29/14

CA Prison Realignment Not Living Up to Expectations, Law Enforcement Today 3/27/14

AB 2356: Back to the Future of the California Prison Building Boom, Huffington Post 3/27/14

Evening News, KPBS 3/26/14 (begins at 4:33)

Group Opposes Expansion Of Donovan Prison, KPBS 3/26/14

Letter to the Editor: State needs sentencing reform, Fresno bee 3/25/14

Sheriff candidates support dropping agency’s current civilian monitors, LA Times 3/21/14

LA Jail System Causing ‘Horrendous Damage to our Loved Ones and our Communities’, Common Dreams 3/20/14

LA County approves drawing up plans for new women’s jail, KPCC 3/18/14

Letter to the Editor: Jail Reform in California, New York Times 3/16/14

Editorial: Jail Expansion Would Be Step in Wrong Direction, City on Hill Press 3/12/14

L.A. Youth Groups Condemn California’s ‘Incarceration Problem’. Annenberg Digital News 3/1/14

CA Prison Realignment not Living up to Expectations, Law Enforcement Today 2/21/14

人權組織 盼參與加州減囚政策, World Journal 2/20/14

Coalition Calls on Leaders to Reduce Prison Population, Metropolitan News-Enterprise 2/20/14

Activists Say Start Prison Reforms Now,  San Fernando Valley Sun 2/20/14

Pacifica Evening News, KPFK 2/19/14 (starts around 45min)

SF And LA Legislators Targeted By Prison Reform Advocates, SF Appeal 2/19/14

加州众组织联名信:停止扩建监狱, New Tang Dynasty Television 2/19/14

Activists Putting Pressure on CA Lawmakers Regarding Prison Overcrowding, KFBK 2/19/14

Broad coalition responds to 2-year extension on prison overcrowding case, SF Bayview 2/14/14

Sheriff boosts rehab potential by adding beds, but activists are critical of expansion, Monterey County Weekly 2/13/14

CURB on Monday’s court ruling to grant a 2-year extension on prison overcrowding case, Highland News 2/10/14

Prison-crowding order renews talk of sentencing changes, LA Times 2/10/14

The $140 Million North County Jail Question, Mission and State 2/6/14

Lock Up the Vote: A New Jail May Never Fill Up with Inmates, but It’ll Hold a Lot of Favors, SF Weekly 2/5/14

Admissions halted at problem-plagued Stockton prison, LA Times 2/4/14

CA Mom Shocked After Her Prisoner Son Was Secretly Transferred 800 Miles Away To Another State, Business Insider 2/4/14

SF Sheriff Doesn’t Want New Jail in San Bruno, San Bruno Patch 1/24/14

Smaller new jail might meet SF’s needs, report finds, SF Examiner 1/24/14

Activists Challenge Plans for New SF Jail, Beyond Chron 1/24/14

Jail Expansion Grant Provokes Protest, City on a Hill Press 1/23/14

Supe Campos Says There’s The Possibility SF Doesn’t Need A Jail, SFPD Chief Says That “Just Isn’t Practical”, SF Appeal 1/23/14

Public safety officials weigh in on building new replacement jail, KTVU 1/23/14

Editorial: S.F. needs to go back to drawing board for right-size jail, SF Chronicle 1/23/14

Up Front Debate on SF Jail, KPFA 1/23/14

“If the Risk Is Low, Let Them Go”: Efforts to Resolve the Growing Numbers of Aging Behind Bars, Truth-Out 1/19/14

Santa Cruz Residents Urge County to Reject State Grant Awarded for Jail Expansion, IndyBay 1/18/14

Tulare County to receive $40 million for jails, The Recorder 1/18/14

Protest meets approval of new jail funds, Register Pajaronian 1/17/14

Protesting Jail Funding, Good Times 1/17/14

San Mateo County to get state jail money, San Mateo Daily Journal 1/17/14

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFK 1/16/14 (20:23 min)

Kings awarded $20 million jail grant, The Sentinel 1/16/14

State turns down Contra Costa’s request for new maximum-security facility at West County Jail, Contra Costa Times 1/16/14

State awards $500M in jail construction funds: Sheriffs want more resources, protesters want fewer jails, KPCC 1/16/14

Santa Cruz Seeks to Ease Felons Into Freedom, California Health Report 1/15/14

Sojourner Truth, KPFK 1/15/14

Detractors say Brown’s budget spends too much on prison expansion, San Bernardino Sun 1/13/14

LA County cautiously optimistic about state budget proposal, LA Daily News 1/10/14

Californians Rally Against Spending Half a Billion Dollars On More Prisons, Alternet 1/9/14

4 important public safety proposals in Governor Jerry Brown’s planned budget, KPCC 1/9/14

Advocates call budget plans to open new prison beds a major contradiction, SF Bayview 1/9/14

Advocates Call Budget Plans to Open New Prison Beds a Major Contradiction, Highland Community News 1/9/14

Up Front Morning News, KPFK 1/7/14 (starts at 6 min)

Los Angeles Sheriff Lee Baca announces retirement, Aljazeera America 1/7/14


Press Releases:

December 2013: LA Residents Caravan to Sacramento in Protest

December 2013: 36 Counties Beg For Jail Construction Money

November 2013: Counties Prioritizing Jail Construction to Answer Realignment Challenges

October 2013: LA Supervisors Voting to Stop Taft Contract for Jail Expansion

October 2013: San Francisco Residents Continue to Fight Proposed Jail

October 2013: LA Advocates Voice Disapproval of use Realignment Funding for Jail Expansion

September 2013: Los Angeles Free Our Sisters Forum to be Held by LA No More Jails Coalition

August 2013: San Francisco Leaders Rally to Stop Proposed Jail


August 2013: Coalition Stops Jail Construction Plan in Its Tracks

July 2013: LA Residents Speak Out Against a $1.4 Billion Jail Construction Project

June 2013: Advocates Call for CHCF To Be Last Prison or Jail Built in CA

June 2013: Community Leaders Object to Secret San Francisco Jail Construction Plan

June 2013: Californians Praise Court Order to Immediately Reduce Prison Population

June 2013: Advocates Question California’s New Prisons Chief

May 2013: Jail Opponents Take Fight to Castaic

May 2013: California Prison Experts Weigh in on Governor’s May Budget Revise

May 2013: California Prison Experts Blast Governor’s May Budget Revise

May 2013: California Prison Experts Blast Governor’s Response to Court Order

May 2013: Prisoner Advocates Rally at SF State Building in Anticipation of Governor’s Response to Court Order

April 2013: Community Leaders to Gather at Toxic Jail Site on Earth Day, Call on San Mateo County to Abandon Controversial Project

March 2013: L.A. Residents Plan a Healthier and Safer City

March 2013: Advocates, Activists Plan to Send Strong Message to Top Corrections Brass during Major Prison Crisis Conference

March 2013: LA Residents Rally Against Controversial Women’s Jail Plan

March 2013: Women’s Survival is Focus of International Women’s Day Events in Los Angeles

March 2013: Los Angeles Residents Continue to Demand Cancellation of Massive Jail Project

February 2013: San Mateo County Residents Oppose Using New Tax to Fund New Jail

January 2013: Opposition to Controversial Chino Prison Expansion Grows

January 2013: Freedom Rally to Draw Hundreds to Chowchilla to Protest Women’s Prison

January 2013: Freedom Rally to Draw Hundreds of Bay Area Resident to Central Valley to Protest Women’s Prison

January 2013: Freedom Rally to Draw Hundreds of Angelinos to the Central Valley to Protest Women’s Prison

January 2013: Despite Mounting Pressure to Reduce the Prison Population, CDCR Opens New Women’s Prison

January 2013: Gov. Brown Backslides on Corrections Budget, Plans More Rat Holes

January 2013: Gov. Attempts to Justify Unconstitutional Prison Overcrowding

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Sacramento Bee Online Ad, 9/13

#StopCABudgetRaid – Sacramento Bee Ad, 9/6/13

News Coverage of CURB

Sheriffs de Los Angeles Necesitan Ser Supervisados, Noticias 62 12/18/13

County may lose out on $80 million in state funding for women’s jail, LA Times 12/12/13

Monterey County out of running for additional jail funds, Californian 12/12/13

California to Decide on $500 Million Jail Construction, CJCJ 12/10/13

California Corrections Reform Advocates Push For Incarceration Alternatives, KPBS 12/9/13

California Ships Prisoners Out of State to “Reduce” Its Prison Population, Truth-Out 12/6/13

Sheriff John McMahon presents Glen Helen jail project to state, The Sun 12/6/13

S.J. makes pitch for jail money, Recordnet 12/5/13

Backward thinking, planning on L.A. County jails, LA Times 12/4/13

ACLU argues against O.C. jail plan, Orange County Register 12/4/13

Group opposes Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties’ bids for more money for more jails, LA Daily News 12/4/13

Group opposes Los Angeles, San Bernardino counties’ bids for more money for more jails, Long Beach Press Telegram 12/4/13

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 12/4/13 (2 min)

Up Front, KPFA 12/4/13 (20 min)

County gets failing grade for jail plan: ‘Double fail’ for prison realignment funding, state activist group reports, Daily Journal 11/29/13

San Bernardino County graded with ‘double fail’ for prison realignment spending, San Bernardino Sun 11/26/13

San Bernardino County graded with ‘double fail’ for prison realignment spending, Daily Breeze 11/26/13

Counties Prioritizing Jail Construction to Answer Realignment Challenges, Highland Community News 11/26/13

Humans shipped across the country: How America exports inmates to private prisons, Salon 11/22/13

New study: Vermont ships inmates to for-profit private prisons, Bennington Banner 11/21/13

REPORT: Over 10,500 Prisoners from CA, VT, ID, and HI are Incarcerated In Out-of -State Private Prisons, Hawaii Reporter 11/20/13

Today on Your Call: What are the best ways to reduce California’s prison population? KALW 11/6/13

LA Jail System Not Expanding After All As Taft Deal Dies, Huffington Post 10/30/1

Los Angeles County halts plan to export some jail inmates to Taft, LA Times 10/30/13

Op-ed: Prison crowding: Gov. Brown can thank Supreme Court for political cover, Mercury News 10/25/13

Supes approve funding request for jail construction, SF Bay Guardian 10/22/13

Contra Costa Sheriff Pursues State Funding to Expand West County Jail,  KQED 10/22/13

Sheriff Ross Mirkarimi Asks for Money to Build a Brand New Jail, SF Weekly 10/22/13

New thinking needed on San Francisco jail, SF Chronicle 10/21/13

Report finds discrimination rampant in criminal justice, 1 in 3 black males will go to prison, MSNBC 10/18/13

Opponents decry proposal to build new San Francisco County Jail facility, SF Examiner 10/15/13

LA Advocates Voice Disapproval of Jail Expansion, ATVN 10/8/13

Faultlines – Women Behind Bars, Aljazeera 10/3/13

Anti-jail groups launch P.R. offensive against county, LA Times 1o/2/13

Board of Supervisors to be put on probation, city attorney to be enjoined, LA Times  10/2/13

Los Angeles law enforcement tells state watchdog the struggles of prison realignment, KPCC 9/26/13

Los Angeles Free Our Sisters Forum: Saturday, 14 September, LA Progressive 9/13/13

Latest try at jail funding fails: Sen. Jerry Hill vows to continue fighting, Daily Journal 9/13/13

As prison plan moves ahead, opponents keep up the protests, KPCC 9/11/13

LA advocates decry governor’s prison expansion compromise, moving prisoners to private prisons out of state, SF Bay View 9/11/13

State should invest money in kids, not prisons, L.A. activists say, LA Times 9/10/13

California Prison Guards Union Pushes For Prison Expansion, Huffington Post 9/9/13

Brown’s Prison Plan Bucks National Trends, Enriches For-profit Prison Corporations, Huffington Post 9/5/13

California Prison Reformers: Release Elderly Prisoners To Ease Overcrowded Facilities, Huffington Post 9/5/13

Editorial: San Francisco does not need costly new jail, San Francisco Chronicle 9/3/13

California Assembly committee OKs prison expansion bill, Sacramento Bee 8/29/13

Brown’s $315 million prison plan at odds with Senate Democrats, Sacramento Bee 8/28/13

Governor Jerry Brown’s California Prison Overcrowding Plan Draws Criticism, Capitol Public Radio 8/27/13

Video: Brown, lawmakers propose moving 8,000 inmates, News 10 8/27/13

Video: State to use reserve funds to reduce prison overcrowding, ABC 8/27/13

Video: Gov. Brown proposes $315M prison fix, KCRA 8/27/13

Video: Governor Brown Says State Forced to Pay for More Prison Cells, Fox 40 8/27/13

Capitol Alert: Activists urge Gov. Jerry Brown to release prisoners, Fresno Bee 8/27/13

California Governor Proposes Massive Prison Expansion To Avoid Freeing Inmates, Huffington Post 8/27/13

Need to replace S.F. County Jail questioned, San Francisco Chronicle 8/16/13

Prison Construction Bill Dies in Committee, The Patch 8/16/13

County jail funding effort fails: Senator’s bill to help San Mateo County sinks in committee, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/16/13

Jerry Hill’s jail bill for San Mateo County goes down fast, Mercury News 8/16/13

Senator fails to secure extra funding for San Mateo County jail, SF Examiner 8/16/13

Bill shot down, county to proceed with jail expansion, The Salinas Californian 8/16/13

New Redwood City jail could cost more than projected, SF Examiner 8/16/13

Coalition stops jail construction plan in its tracks, SF Bayview 8/15/13

San Mateo County Jail Under Construction, But It’s Not Entirely Paid For, NBC 8/15/13

Hill slips in a last-minute bill that gives San Mateo County an edge for state jail funds, Mercury News 8/15/13

In downtown L.A., Zimmerman verdict, prison conditions draw ralliers, LA Times 7/31/13

California inmates claim one of them died protesting inhuman conditions, RT 7/29/13

New jail may cost twice as much as estimated if San Mateo County is forced to issue bonds, Mercury News 7/27/13

Activists try to thwart county’s jail construction in Redwood City, SF Examiner 7/23/13

Building a better Men’s Central Jail, LA Times 7/17/13

It’s a crime to house the mentally ill this way, LA Times 7/17/13

Authorities Agree Men’s Central Jail Should Be Demolished, But Replacing It Is A Different Story, Huffington Post 7/17/13

LA Residents Rally Against $1.4B Jail Construction Project, CBS 7/16/13

L.A. Supervisors agree to act on billion-dollar jail renovation, LA Times 7/16/13

Kimberly Jeffery and Cynthia Chandler, Feminist Magazine Radio 7/16/13

Women could number among inmates at Castaic jail, Signal 7/16/13

Men’s Central Jail to face the wrecking ball — but not just yet, LA Daily News 7/16/13

County Considers Plan to Modernize, Upgrade Aging Jails, Patch 7/16/13

Prisons, State Budgets and the New National Freedom Agenda, Truth-Out 7/16/13

Shocking Report: California Conducted Forced Sterilizations of Women Prisoners, Uprising Radio 7/11/13

Aging Inmates Put Burden on America’s Prisons, USA Today 7/11/13

Our View: Health facility near Stockton will improve inmates’ care,  Merced Sun-Star 6/26/13

Final prep for prisoners, Stockton Record 6/26/13

$839 MILLION HOSPITAL, Manteca Bulletin 6/26/13

Stockton complex answers mandate for inmate medical, mental care, Modesto Bee 6/25/13

Stockton Medical Facility Won’t Put Dent In Prison Population, CBS 6/25/13

SF Sheriff’s New Jail Plans Faces Criticism From Activist Group, KCBS 6/25/13

Panel of Federal Judges Orders California to Reduce Prison Overcrowding, KPFA 6/21/13

Advocates question California’s new prisons chief, SF Bayview 6/18/13

LA County Jail Opponents Take Fight to Castaic, Justice Not Jails 5/22/13

Jerry Brown’s Corrections Budget Revise: More Cages, Little Else, Justice Not Jails 5/21/13

Supervisors look to beef up manpower at L.A. County Sheriff’s Department, LA Daily News 5/21/13

Several dozen protest Pitchess expansion proposal, Signal 5/18/13

Brown: spend more on schools, Central Valley Business Times 5/14/13


Prison overcrowding: Gov. Jerry Brown submits revised plan, ABC 30 5/3/13

Brown’s Prison Plan “Best of the Bad Options”, Capitol Public Radio 5/3/13

California Outlines Cuts to Cut Prison Population, Wall Street Journal 5/3/13

State Files Court-Ordered Plan To Reduce Prison Population, SF Appeal 5/3/13

Prison chief: plan to reduce state’s inmate population ‘ugly’, KCRA 5/3/13

Brown’s plan to reduce prison overcrowding falls short of court’s order, Ventura County Star 5/3/13

Advocates for CA inmate rights blast Jerry Brown’s prison plan, Sacramento Bee 5/3/13

California files court-ordered prison plan; critics blast it, Central Valley Business Times 5/3/13

Concerns expressed on plan to ease prison overcrowding, Daily News 5/2/13

Groups Allege California Prison Policies Amount to State-Sanctioned Torture, Fog City Journal 5/2/13

San Mateo County residents protest toxic jail on Earth Day, SF Bayview 4/23/13

CURB Pushes Brown for Humane Realignment Plan, JNJ 4/22/13

Redwood City Residents Protest ‘Toxic’ Jail on Earth Day, Redwood City Patch 4/22/13

Advocates push to bring prisoners home, SF Bay View 4/12/13

Sheriffs are banking on rehabilitation, Letter to the Editor LA Daily News 4/8/13

Evening News, KPFK 3/19/13

Sheriff Seeks to Replace Men’s Central Jail Cells With Classrooms, NBC 3/19/13

San Mateo jail: If land is too toxic for housing, how can a jail go there?, Mercury News 3/18/13

$900 millones para cárcel quiere Sheriff, La Opinion 3/18/13

Sheriff Lee Baca proposes almost $1 billion new jail to replace downtown facility, 3/16/13

Group Protests Expansion for Women’s Jails, ATVN 3/12/13

No More Jails Coalition Says New Women’s Jail is Sheriff Lee Baca’s Latest ‘Boondoggle’, LA Weekly 3/12/13

En marcha, por derechos de la mujer,  La Opinión 3/9/13

Demonstrators march for International Women’s Day, other causes, LA Times 3/9/13

Sacramento hearing exposes CDCR’s hidden agenda, SF Bay View 3/6/13

California Assembly reviews solitary confinement policies as prisoners threaten new hunger strike, SF Bay View 2/28/13

San Mateo County supervisors mull how to slice up Measure A pie, Mercury News 2/13/13

Public Tells Supes How to Spend $60M, Belmont Patch 2/13/13

Taxing decisions: County officials, public tackle sales tax priorities, San Mateo Daily Journal 2/13/13

CURB’s Campaign Against New Jail Heats Up, San Carlos Patch 2/12/13



Despite realignment efforts, numbers are still high in California’s women’s prisons, FSRN 1/31/13
Freedom Is a Constant Struggle with Ida, Adrienne, Windy, Community Video 1/30/13



Many speak out against possible CIM expansion, Daily Bulletin 1/30/13

Windy Click and Leslie Mendoza on Evening News, KPFA (min 28) 1/28/13

Officials insist inmates’ needs are being met at Central California Women’s Facility, Merced Sun-Star 1/29/13

Inside the women’s prison in Chowchilla, CBS 1/28/13

Protest against prison overcrowding draws hundreds, KSBY 1/27/13

Manifestación de la Libertad, Univision 1/27/13

VIDEO: Hundreds of prison protestors rally outside of Chowchilla, Merced Sun-Star 1/26/13

Thousands Rally Against Prison Overcrowding, KSEE 1/26/13

 Protest Against Overcrowding Held Outside Philadelphia Women’s Prison, CBS 1/26/13

Protest against prison overcrowding draws hundreds, The Tribune 1/26/13

Protest Against Overcrowding Held Outside Philadelphia Women’s Prison, CBS 1/26/13

Group to Protest Outside Jail Saturday, Redwood City Patch 1/26/13

Op-Ed: Angela Davis/Windy Click: Rallying to end women’s prison crisis in California, Fresno Bee 1/25/13

Chowchilla Freedom Rally to draw hundreds of Bay Area residents to Central Valley to protest women’s prison, SF Bay View 1/24/13

Groups set to protest crowding at Chowchilla women’s prison, Merced Sun-Star 1/24/13

California Sheds Prisoners but Grapples With Courts, New York Times 1/21/13

Crowding More Into Chowchilla Rally Jan, Prison Radio 1/16/13

Is Realignment a Model for Reform?, East Bay Express 1/16/13

Chowchilla prison shifts from women to men, Fresno Bee 1/16/13

Letters: Is California’s prison crisis over?, LA Times 1/12/13

Some on Death Row ‘low risk’ for parole, SF Chronicle 1/13/13

Gov. Brown tries to justify unconstitutional prison overcrowding, backslides on Corrections budget SF Bay View 1/11/13

The downside of Jerry Brown’s budget, SF Bay Guardian 1/10/13

Governor says California Prison Overcrowding, Heathcare Problem is Fixed, KSEE 24 News 1/8/13

Gov. Brown Moves to End Cap on Prison Population, The Patch 1/8/13

Governor asking court to remove prison limits, OC Register 1/8/13

Brown seeks to lift state inmate caps, LA Times Article 1/8/13

Chowchilla women’s prison squeezed, Merced-Star Sun 1/8/13


Press Releases:

November 2012: Legislative Analyst Office Predicts CDCR Will Fail to Meet Budget Reductions

November 2012: Voters Lighten 3-Strikes While Increasing Revenues for Education

November 2012: Measure A Passes, Community Members Vow to Continue Jail Fight

October 2012: Controversial San Mateo Jail Plans Racking Up Unexpected Costs

October 2012: Assemblymember Ammiano Criticizes Governor’s veto of prison media access bill

September 2012: One Year Later for Realignment, Californians Continue to Fight Against Jail Construction

September 2012: San Mateo Board of Supervisors Push $160 million Jail Plan Forward

September 2012: San Mateo County Supervisors to Vote on Budget, Residents Demand Supervisors Cut Jail Spending

September 2012: Hundreds of Community Members Pack Supervisors Meeting, Demand End to New Jail

September 2012: Fight to Stop San Mateo County Jail Heats Up

August 2012: Senate Passes Prison Media Access Bill

August 2012: Sheriff Lee Baca to Co-Chair Statewide Jail Committee Despite Federal Investigation of Torture in LA County Jails

August 2012: San Mateo County Residents Gather to Stop New Jail

August 2012: Prison Media Access Bill Leaves Appropriations, to Full Senate

July 2012: Community Members Speak Out Against Proposed Jail Tax

July 2012: CDCR Registers Last Minute Opposition to Expanding Media Access to State Prisons

July 2012: Community Organizations Fight to be Heard in LA Jail Expansion Debate

June 2012: $4.1 billion Cut from Prison and Jail Expansion

June 2012: Senate Committee on Public Safety Votes to Lift the Media Access Ban on CA Prisons

June 2012: Grassroots Coalition Asks Legislators to Lift the Media Access Ban on CA Prisons

June 2012: Board of Supervisors Barrel Forward Even as Funding Scheme for San Mateo Jail Dies in Appropriations Committee

May 2012: Local Activists, Architects Partner with Residents to Re-Purpose Valley State Prison for Women in Chowchilla

May 2012: California’s Legislative Analyst Office Questions CDCR Blueprint

May 2012: Brown, CDCR Backslide in May Revise Budget; CURB has a Better Idea

May 2012: San Mateo Supervisors Poised to Push $150 Million Jail Plan Forward

April 2012: California Coalition Stops Prison Construction Plan in Its Tracks

April 2012: Organizations and Community Members Respond to CDCR Plan

April 2012: CURB Responds to CDCR’s “Future of California Corrections” Report

March 2012: Community Members Call for Restored Rights to People with Felony Convictions

March 2012: California Counties Going Wrong Direction with Realignment

March 2012: Community Continues Opposition to Massive Expansion of LA County Jail

February 2012: LAO Suggests Billions of Dollars in Reductions to AB900 and Possible Prison Closures

February 2012: San Mateo Proposes Jail Population Reduction Measures

January 2012: Hundreds Turn Out to Oppose Massive LA County Jail Expansion

January 2012: Los Angeles Residents Oppose $1.4 Billion Jail Expansion

January 2012: Californians Demand Further Reduction in Prison Spending to Save Social Services

Press Materials:

Expert Opinions on LA County Jail

News Coverage of CURB:

League invites Mitchell to speak about prisons, Mercury News 11/8/12

County sales tax measure passes, San Mateo Daily Journal 11/7/12

Voters lighten Three Strikes while increasing revenues for education, SF Bay View 11/7/12

San Mateo County Measure A: Sales tax increase passes, Mercury News 11/6/12

Menlo Park Resident Creates Moving Billboard, Blasts Jail Tax, Menlo Park Patch 11/3/12

Group Protests ‘Jail Tax’ over Highway 101, San Mateo Patch 11/2/12

The Big Veto: Our Governors Hate Inmate Media-Access Bills, SF Weekly 10/17/12

Hard cases changing tenor of jail population,  The Almanac 10/11/12

Voters asked to hike sales tax, San Mateo Daily Journal 10/9/12

Endorsement: Yes on Prop. 36 — Make Three Strikes better and streets safer with this sensible measure, Daily News 10/04/12

San Mateo County faults three reports that question need for new jail, Mercury News 10/4/12

Letter: Invest in social services, not a new jail, San Mateo Daily Journal 10/1/12

Brown rejects expanding media access to prisons, LA Times 10/1/12

Ammiano decries Gov. Brown’s veto of media access to prisoners, SF BayView 10/1/12

Gov. Brown Won’t Let Reporters Have Easy Access to Prison Inmates, SF Weekly 10/1/12

No new jails! Californians fight on a year after realignment, SF BayView 10/1/12

Letter: Choosing ‘reactionary measures rather than preventative measures’ San Mateo Daily Journal 10/1/12

San Mateo Board of Supervisors push $160 million jail plan forward, SF Bay View 9/27/12

Proposed San Mateo County Jail Sparks Protest at Board of Supervisors Meeting, KRON 4 9/25/12

San Mateo County Supervisors approve jail funding in budget vote, KTVU 9/25/12

Supervisors set to adopt $1.9B budget, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/24/12

Redwood City: Opposition growing against proposed Peninsula jail, Contra Costa Times 9/24/12

Report calls new jail plan unjustified, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/22/12

OP-ED: Jail will not bring long-lasting safety, San Mateo Daily Journal 9/20/12

Opinion: Let reporters into prisons, SF Bay Guardian 9/17/12

Split in San Mateo on How to Ease Crowded Jails, The Wall Street Journal 9/12/12

Drumbeat against San Mateo County’s proposed jail grows louder, Mercury News 9/12/12

Jail opponents rally at county center, Daily Journal 9/12/12

Hundreds pack San Mateo supervisors’ meeting, demand no new jail, SF Bay View 9/11/12

Group Opposes New San Mateo Co. Jail, NBC Bay Area 9/11/12

Jail Protestors Vow to Bring Fight to Supes, Redwood City Patch 9/11/12

Senate passes Prison Media Access Bill, SF Bay View 8/30/12

Bill would improve media access to prison inmates, Sacramento Bee 8/29/12

New jail foes decry design alternatives, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/29/12

Group urges San Mateo County to put the brakes on a new jail, Contra Costa Times 8/28/12

Group urges San Mateo County to put the brakes on a new jail, Mercury News 8/28/12

Sheriff unveils two jail designs, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/25/12

Battle Escalates Over Proposed San Mateo County Jail, KQED 8/24/12

Letter: Public safety, San Mateo Daily Journal 8/24/12

Gov. Jerry Brown Has a Chance to Usher in Major Prison Reforms in California, SF Weekly 8/22/12

Editorial: Allow inmates to talk, LA Times 8/21/12

Viewpoints: Reporters need transparent and reliable access to state’s inmates, Sacramento Bee 8/15/12

A New Jail? No Thanks!, Redwood City Patch, 8/14/12

Sheriff’s Department wants to outsource jailing of 512 inmates to Kern County, Daily Breeze 8/13/12

L.A. County wants to jail 500 inmates near Bakersfield, Daily News 8/13/12

California unlikely to meet prison crowding reduction requirement, LA Times 8/12/12

OP-ED: Emily Harris and Bernadette Rabuy: To pass tax, San Mateo must cancel jail, Mercury News 8/8/12

Calif. county jails look to expand, San Francisco Chronicle 8/2/12

Just call it a ‘jail tax,’ protesters tell San Mateo County supervisors about half-cent sales tax proposal, Contra Costa Times 8/1/12

Just call it a ‘jail tax,’ protesters tell San Mateo County supervisors about half-cent sales tax proposal, Mercury News 7/31/12

OP-ED: Prison candor, Daily Journal 7/28/12

CDCR registers last minute opposition to expanding media access to state prisons, Bay View 7/27/12

Grand jury: Electronic monitoring of pretrial inmates can save San Mateo County money and relieve packed jail, Mercury News 7/27/12

Letter: Cancel the jail expansion project, Daily Journal 7/27/12

Editorial: Unfiltered scrutiny of prisons is needed, San Francisco Chronicle 7/26/12

Editorial: STATE: Prison candor, Press-Enterprise 7/24/12

Prisons agency opposes interview bill, SF Chronicle 7/24/12

California prisons object to expanding media access to inmates, Los Angeles Times 7/23/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Daily News 7/22/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Contra Costa Times 7/22/12

Sheriff’s Department considers variety of options to ease jail overcrowding, Pasadena Star News 7/22/12

‘Building jail will add to San Mateo debt’, Press TV 7/14/12

REDWOOD CITY: Local Occupy movement protests against new jail, KTVU 7/14/12

The Pacifica Evening News, 7/10/12 (interview begins at 17:50)

Bad Things Happen in the Dark, Op-ed News 7/3/12

Prison Crisis: Local Solution?, Making Contact 6/26/12

Advocates push for access to inmates and ability to scrutinize institutions, The Final Call 6/19/12

New Bill to Allow Reporters to Interview Prisoners, SF Weekly 6/13/12

Senate Committee on Public Safety votes to lift the media access ban on California prisons, SF Bay View 6/12/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 6/12/13 (interview starts at 20:45)

Sojourner Truth, KPFK 6/12/13

Legislators Weigh Wider Media Access to Prisoners, KQED 6/11/12

Supes Suggest Light, Airy New Jail Designs, South San Francisco Patch 6/6/12

County ready to plan jail, Daily Journal 6/5/12

Viewpoints: Fear mongers were wrong about prison system’s ‘realignment’, Sacramento Bee 5/29/12

State needs to stop building more prisons, Oakland Tribune LTE 5/23/12

Editorial: Behind the barbed wire of California’s prisons, Los Angeles Times 5/23/12

Is it time to allow in-person inmate interviews again?, KPCC 5/23/12

End vicious cycle of more money for jails and prisons, LTE Sacramento Bee 5/18/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 5/16/12 (interview begins at 4:45)

Gov. Brown increases prison budget, cuts basic services, SF Bay View 5/14/12

Supes Spend $16.5 Million on New County Jail, Patch 5/10/12

County approves jail contracts, Daily Journal 5/9/12

San Mateo County Approves Funding for New Jail, KQED 5/9/12

San Mateo County supervisors poised to plunk down $16.5 million for initial costs of building new jail, Mercury News 5/8/12

San Mateo County Jail, KQED 5/8/12 (interview at 35 sec)

The Pacifica Evening News,  KPFA 5/7/12 (interview at 30:32 mins)

Corrections’ master plan falls short, Capitol Weekly 5/3/12

CDCR’s “Future of California Corrections” Far-Reaching But Not Far Enough, CA Progress Report 5/2/12

The Pacifica Evening News, 4/25/12

California releases plan to cut billions in prison spending, SF Bay View 4/24/12

Officials announce sweeping overhaul of California prisons, Los Angeles Times 4/24/12

CURB Urges Alternative to Jail Expansion, Topanga Messanger 4/19/12

ACLU is critical of state prison realignment, Los Angeles Times 3/22/12

Black East Palo Alto residents tell stories of their plight at ‘Protest Racism’ rally, Mercury News 3/21/12

Think Outside The Cage, KPFK 3/17/12

California to dish out $602 million for jail construction, KALW News 3/8/12

Community Groups Reject LA County Bid For $100M Grant To Build New Jails, CBS Los Angeles 3/7/12

Demandan gasto social, no cárceles, La Opinión 3/6/12

Opponents of jail expansion protest downtown, Annenberg Radio News 3/6/12

Opposition Grows to Massive LA Jail Expansion, Santa Monica Dispatch 3/5/12

Sheriff Baca may outsource inmates, cut sentences to 15 percent in crowded L.A. county jails, Pasadena Star-News 2/28/12

A night and a morning with Occupy Skid Row, L.A. Activist 2/23/12

Today on Your Call: What’s next for prison reform?, KALW 2/22/12

Prisoners, activists bring attention to US criminal justice system, Free Speech Radio 2/20/12

Fresno jail protesters call for more rehabilitation programs, ABC 2/20/12

Activists Rally at County Jail, KSEE 2/20/12

Civic Circus, Uprising Radio on KPFK 1/31/12

Protesters tell supervisors: more community services, fewer jails, Los Angeles Wave 1/26/12

Demonstrators Denounce Jail Expansion, Park Labrea News- Beverly Press 1/26/12

Avanza plan de más cárceles, La Opinión 1/25/12

Planean más cárceles en California, pese a situación financiera, Prensa Latina 1/25/12

LA County Jail Expansion Met With ‘No New Jails’ Protest (PHOTOS), Huffington Post 1/25/12

Public Officials Talk About Public Safety Realignment, ABC 23 Bakersfield, 1/25/12

Supes Balk at $5.7 Million Jails Report & Want Alternatives to Rebuilding CJ, Witness LA 1/25/12

Hundreds Protest LA County Jail Expansion Plan, CBS Los Angeles 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Daily News 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Contra Costa Time 1/24/12

L.A. County Board of Supervisors seek jail alternatives, Pasadena Star-News 1/24/12

Supervisors seek alternatives to rebuilding Men’s Central Jail
, Daily Breeze 1/24/12

L.A. County supervisors approve jails funding application, LA Times Blog 1/24/12

LA residents with CURB, alliance protest Sheriff Lee Baca’s proposal to expand the county’s jail, Yahoo News 1/24/12

Collateral Damage: Children and Prison Reform in California, Sense and Sensibility 1/20/12

How California’s lifers are dying inside, UK Guardian 1/19/12

Activists Oppose LA County Jail Expansion, Call for Release of Prisoners Instead of More Prisons, Uprising Radio KPFK 1/17/12

Gov. Jerry Brown plans $1 billion in prison cuts, San Francisco Chronicle 1/15/12

Jail Discussion to Continue Beyond Town Hall Meeting, Redwood City Patch 1/12/12

One year later, early release program brings parent inmates home, KALW 1/12/12

Stopping Prison Construction Important First Step: More Reductions in Corrections Spending Needed to Protect Social Services, California Progress Report 1/11/12

The Pacifica Evening News, KPFA 1/6/12 (minutes 20)

California Press on Prison Spending:

Prison plans under scrutiny from ACLU, Record Net 3/22/12

Dispute widens over Sacramento County sheriff’s jail funding priorities, Sacramento Bee 3/22/12

ACLU: Counties focus on jail expansion, not inmate reduction, OC Register 3/21/12

Is Prison Realignment Working In San Diego?, KPBC 3/21/12

ACLU Report Critical Of California’s Prison Realignment Program, CBS San Francisco 3/21/12

ACLU sees opportunities as thousands of criminals flood California counties, KPCC 3/21/12

ACLU issues report on prison, sentencing changes, UT San Diego 3/21/12

New ACLU report on costly realignment – counties ignoring cheaper, better alternatives, Mercury News 3/21/12

Jerry Brown’s California budget slashes $1 billion from prisons, KPCC 1/7/12



Press ReleasesPress Coverage | Prison News

Press Releases:

December 2011: Communities Continue Push for Prison and Jail Moratorium

December 2011: CURB Alliance Announces National Board of Advisors

November 2011: $600 Million More for Jails; $600 Million Less for Education and Health

November 2011: Realignment Used to Push Jail Expansion Across California

October 2011: Organizations Demand No New Jail Beds in Sacramento

September 2011: California Organizations Issue Report Card on County Prisoner Realignment Plans

September 2011: CDCR Plans to Release 4,000 Primary Caregivers from Women’s Prisons

September 2011: Community Organizations Demand Alternatives in Prisoner ‘Realignment’, Confront LA Board of Supervisors

August 2011: 13 States Closing Prisons While California Continues to Build

May 2011: California Organizations Outline Smart, Safe, Prison Population Reduction Strategies

May 2011: Groups Demand Population Reduction Measure Not Costly Jail Construction

News Coverage of CURB:

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Many counties fail to learn costly state lessons and still to expand jail capacity, Daily Cal 11/1/11

Groups To Protest Reopening Of County Jail, KFBK Radio 10/31/11

State tells San Mateo County not to bother applying for jail construction funds, Mercury News 10/28/11

Guest speaker to discuss prison overcrowding, OC Register 10/26/11

Inmate realignment also means corrections layoffs, ABC News 10/24/11

Jail expansion: Counties seek millions from state, San Francisco Chronicle 10/24/11

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San Mateo County supervisors give sheriff the nod to build big jail, Mercury News 10/4/11

Legislation Shifts State Prisoners to Local Jurisdictions, Gilroy Patch 10/4/11

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California Puts Into Motion Alternative Custody for Incarcerated Moms, COLORLINES 9/20/11

CDCR to release 4,000 primary caregivers from women’s prisons, SF Bay View 9/19/11

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Building barriers against crime in San Mateo, SF Examiner 6/15/11

40 Years of Drug War Failure, Street Sheet 6/15/11

Elected Officials, VIPs and Grassroots Slam Drug War on 40th Anniversary, Huffington Post 6/14/11

Ruling on prison overcrowding could slam San Mateo county jails, SF Examiner 6/11/11

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Applaud High Court, Oakland Tribune 6/7/11

Alameda County prepares for influx of inmates as state reduces prison population, The SF Gate 6/6/11

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California Press on Prison Spending:

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