Month: March 2017

One day to take action to expand credits!

by admin

Dear Supporter, This budget cycle Initiate Justice, a member of CURB, worked to monitor the implementation of Proposition 57 and to demand a drastic expansion of earned time credits for people participating in positive programming. We need you to take action to support us today! Initiate Justice is a grassroots organization based in Oakland, California,…

Community Power Canceled the Industry Day Forum!

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After two long days of careful planning and organizing we arrived this morning to see the “Industry Day Forum” had been canceled. We believe it was canceled because fear of our public pressure and people power!  Community members were mobilizing in opposition to the county’s unrelenting plan to builda new $2.2 billion dollar jail that…

Take action for LA today

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Dear Supporter, There is so much happening in Los Angeles and we remain diligent in fighting against the $3.7 billion jail plan on multiple levels while fighting for community based alternatives and supportive services throughout the county. Here is a little update on the jail fight and what you can do to contribute!   Sign…